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Life at the Ranch

Videos of life on Kimball Ranch. 

Anything from getting work done to training horses to playing with cows to our 4th of July fireworks

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The Swarm! 

Maggie and Co. Bedding down

Aurora's first time on the trot polls

Taking the heifers for a walk along the cow path

Brush clearing to prep for the orchard

Wendy's itchy spot!

Archie and Samantha!

Collecting up Rosey

Clearing out the dead wood!

Ponies at play

Kimball Ranch Videos

Watch more on YouTube!

Day to day life at the ranch in short, succinct videos

At Kimball Ranch we take pride in our dedication to excellence in animal husbandry.  Taking short clips here and there of life on the ranch for us, the horses, and other livestock is a fun way of showing off our accomplishments, bonds with the animals, and just the every day going on's of the ranch. 

Boarders and visitors are welcome and encouraged to submit their own videos for showcasing.  You are welcome to post videos -directly to the Kimball Ranch facebook page or send them to us to be uploaded to our youtube site.