Retirement @ Kimball Ranch

The gift of love we receive from our equine companions is one that can never, nor should it, be forgotten.  As caretakers we want each horse to live it's life to the fullest up until its final days

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In the horse industry, so often do we hear about people who have a horse that is no longer rideable for a variety of reasons and therefore the owner is unsure of what to do.  Do they put away their desires and dreams at riding and competing because they can't afford two horses?  Do they sell the horse, hoping it goes to a great home, so that they can afford a horse that better suits their needs?  Do they delve deep into their budgets, desciphering income versus expenses, to see if there is anyway to stretch out their wallets and have both horses?

These decisions are always difficult and it takes a lot of consideration to finally make that decision; just what is best for you and what is best for the horse?

At Kimball Ranch, we want to offer your retired horses a low cost home where he can enjoy just being a horse.  With large grass pastures your retired horse will have space to run, friends to play with, shelter to protect him, and people on site to observe and interact with him regularly. 

Horses do so much for us and the bond we share with them is far greater then even we realize.  A good, happy retirement for our noble, trusty companions is the least we can do. 

Horse retirement, quarter horse, paint horse, thoroughbred, lame hors, old horse, geriatric horse, companion animal only, grass pasture, equine companion, retirement, pony retirement
The retirement package includes
  • 24/7 turn out in the pasture/herd that best suits him
  • Daily interaction with other horses
  • Daily inspection by property management
  • 24/7 access to fresh water, grass/hay, and mineral/salt blocks
  • Multiple shelter options including run in sheds and barns as well as trees
  • Large, grass pastures well suited for running and playing
Additional optons are available as well; Kimball Ranch is pleased to adjust and tweak retirement packages based on the needs of each individual horse and owner.  If we don't have something already prepared we are always willing to explore creating the perfect stall/paddock/home for you and your horse.  With over 600 acres we have the space and desire to accomodate each and every horse's need. 
Kimball Ranch takes great pride in caring for each horse in our care. 

If you have a senior horse or a horse that needs daily medication or you have any other special needs then we are happy to make arrangements for that.  Please don't hesitate to ask.   

Retirement Plans

We want to offer great care at reasonable prices.  Our base price of $200.00 per month includes pasture board in one of our large grass pastures.  The pastures have various forms of shelter (sheds, barns, trees), water, salt/mineral blocks, grass, and good quality round bales when needed.  The grass is a mixture of coastal bermuda and native grasses as well as winter rye grass.  The owner lives on property and the horses are examined and checked out each day.  We offer daily interaction with each horse not only between other horses but also with people; we want your equine companion to have a lovely retirement!

For those of you who want to add a little more to your horses retirement, we offer the following packages.  We developed these packages based on our client's request as these tend to have our most popularly requested services.  This is by no means an all inclusive list of what we offer; If you are looking for something specific or specialized care shoot us an email and we can likely make it happen!  This is meant as an easy way for people to look online and see some of the basic packages we offer. 

​​Maintenance Grain (Pasture board)

Once Daily: $240.00 per month
Twice Daily: $280.00 per month

Senior Grain (Pasture board)

Once Daily: $250.00 per month
Twice Daily: $300.00 per month

Alfalfa Pellets (Pasture board)

Once Daily: $245.00 per month
Twice Daily: $290.00 per month

SafeChoice Maintenance is the basic grain we utilize; it is a 12% protein grain.  Most of our horses gain their nutrients from the fresh green grass and therefore do not need a lot of excess nutrients in the grain. 
Some of our older horses need a little more energy either to build back up to a maintenance weight or to maintain a good weight.  For those we fiind that SafeChoice Senior works quite well.  It is a 14% protein with a 0.7% lysine count.  It has high fat but limited starch; designed to build and maintain a health weight without adding a bunch of unnessary sugar. 

High quality alfalfa pellets for extra bulk.  These are especially useful for adding weight and for providing high energy per bite.  This is a nice way to get some extra forage in during the winter when the grass is less plentiful. 

Private Turn Out

​Once Daily: $300.00 per month
Twice Daily: $340.00 per month


​Once Daily: $550.00 per month
Twice Daily: $590.00 per month

Stall with Private Turn Out

​Once Daily: $650.00 per month
Twice Daily: $690.00 per month

This includes a private turn out for your horse.  Although we prefer to keep horses in large pastures where they can run and enjoy the companionship of other equines, there are some horses where this is not practical.  For these horses we offer smaller, private turn outs. 

These horses still enjoy all the other benefits of our care; grass pasture, shelter, water, salt/mineral blocks, regular inspection. 

​​We have a limited number of stalls available.  Stall board includes daily turn out, 7 days a week, with grain once or twice per day.  

Stall horses are turned out into one of our large grass pastures and enjoy all the benefits of our care.     
​​These stalls have a small, private, grass turn out of their own.  They may come and go as they please.  They will receive the same benefits of our care with the added benefit of having their own, private stall and pasture.      

Additional Services

At Kimball Ranch we understand that each horse is an individual with his or her own specific needs.  We do our best to accomidate these needs and are happy to provide most any services requested.  Some of our more frequently requested services are priced as follows:

Supplements : No charge if added to grain
$40.00 to include grain/supplement

Exercise : $20.00 per session
$100.00 per week

Riding : $40.00 per session
$160.00 per week

Medicating/wrapping : Price dependent on medication and temperament of the horse

Blanketing : $50.00 per month, Kimball Ranch supplies the the blankets. 

Daily Grooming (5 days a week) : $100.00 per month