In the Works!

​Kimball Ranch always has something going on from blazing a new section of trails to constructing new run-in shelters.  We've got loads of projects on the waiting list and here is where we will be showcasing our most recent and on-going projects.  You can also stay up to date on the Kimball Ranch facebook page. 

Big Old Barn Renovation

The Big Barn at the entrance to the property is estimated to be over 100 years old.  Despite the age the barn is structurely sound and is an excellent prospect for our next project.
  • Poles need to be added
  • Certain portions need to be lifted and supported
  • Roof needs work
  • First floor storage needs to be cleaned and organized
  • Electrical and tool room need to be added
  • Tack and feed rooms are to be restored
  • Lounge area is to be added
  • Plumbing and bathroom are needed
  • Second story needs cleaned up and a few planks replaced
  • Third story is being added
  • Determining the end 'look' will be done after we've repaired the barn to its former glory. 

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